What do the Class Colors Mean on the Candle?
What they symbolize for each class


Each year the classes have a Farewell liturgy where they “pass” the colors on to the upcoming class. It begins for freshmen at their first Mass of the Holy Spirit. These colors are reflected in the candles used at class masses, retreats, and graduation. These candles represent a four-year journey that you begin in September.

We symbolize your time at Jesuit through a movement of colors

Gold/Yellow – Freshmen

A symbol of learning. Freshmen are called to learn our history and traditions and to embrace with patient trust the journey ahead.

Black – Sophomores

A symbol of the “Black Robes” a nickname for the Jesuits, members of the society of Jesus who established Jesuit High School in 1963. The sophomores will be called to grow in strength, faith, and friendship with each other, to tighten and make meaning of the relationships they formed their freshman year.

Red – Juniors

A symbol of sacrifice and love. Juniors are called to serve others, to love more deeply, and to begin to better themselves so that they can fully better others.

White – Seniors

A symbol of dedication and light. Seniors are called to bring light to the world during and beyond their time at Jesuit.