2015 Fall BBB Project
Leataata Floyd Elementary School


This fall the cast and crew of Terror Stories headed to a meeting of the newly formed Drama Club at Leataata Floyd, armed with gift bags and a sense of fun. For an hour we discussed what theater is and does, what makes it scary and what makes it fun, and then proceeded with an array of warm-up exercises and activities. Our hope is to continue this partnership the spring semester by bringing their Drama Club to see a play at Jesuit and by supporting them through attending their own spring production.

Last spring Leataata Floyd Elementary School in the Sacramento Unified School District performed its first play in 50 years.  Citing studies that show participation in the arts can enhance academic performance, administrators committed to creating a drama club and integrating theater into the offerings at their school which serves a generally high need and academically underachieving population. The 1999 President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities found that exposure to the arts increases cognitive development in children and that theater in particular has been shown to advance reading proficiency and to increase self-confidence, tolerance and empathy levels.

School principal Eric Chapman noted, “Theater gives these kids an experience where they are encouraged to imagine, hope and dream, a network of people who are supportive.”