Behavioral Health

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This event was presented by the California Highway Patrol and Impact Teen Driver

During the high school years, the opportunity presents for our students to learn how to drive and to obtain a license. This can be one of the most exciting experiences in a young person’s life and the life of their family. It is also an opportunity for tremendous responsibility. This year our focus for Behavioral Health is bringing awareness to distracted driving in an effort to keep our community safe. This year’s Behavioral Health and Wellness Evening for Parents was on Monday, December 2nd and focused on reckless and distracted driving, the #1 killer of teens in America. This Behavioral Health and Wellness Evening for Parents was planned in conjunction with the Behavioral Health Assembly taking place on December 4th for students. The evening’s presentation focused on the perils of distracted driving and what you can do as parents to promote safe driving habits in your son and reduce the risk of him being involved in an auto collision, particularly those caused by everyday distractions and inexperienced decision making.