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Rest. Restore. Refuel.

The holiday season, including weeks where your son is not in school, is an opportunity to listen for clues indicating that he needs help with mental health concerns.  Being even more attentive or intentional during these “breaks” is also great practice for when your son leaves home for pursuits after high school and returns home for holiday gatherings. Holidays are a golden opportunity to take notice.


Community Resources and Referrals 

The following are resources that have been compiled by our Wellness Counselor to assist parents in finding additional avenues of support for their students. Included here are agencies, organizations, and private practitioners that provide self-help, group counseling, and psychological services. The Counseling Department offers this information as a resource only. Neither endorsement nor affiliation is implied. Families and individuals are advised to seek guidance in selecting appropriate referrals from the school counselor and to investigate their suitability.