Important Updates to Senior Service & Justice
Requirement Restored for Class of 2024


Jesuit High School’s Office of Service and Justice forms students as men for and with others, at the service of the wider mission of Jesuit High School and the Church. The many dimensions of our program support students in their growth in the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation: students who are open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice. Having been able to restore programming for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in this new phase of the pandemic, we are now able to re-establish service expectations at the senior level, beginning with the Class of 2024. 

  • Students complete a minimum of 30 hours of direct service with one agency
  • Pass/Fail graduation requirement (not a letter grade)
  • Completed by the end of Quarter 3 of senior year*

Options & Costs


A week-long service opportunity over the Summer.

  • Info sessions – learn the options and costs for the upcoming summer
  • Applications – complete the online application and deposit by the posted deadline
  • Placements – announced before Christmas break
  • Preparation – done during Spring Semester
  • Serve – a week during Summer; reflection throughout; follow up assignment

Cost: Immersions involve additional fees for program, travel, food and chaperone expenses; prices vary by location and financial assistance is available.

Period 4 Class

One semester of Senior Service and Justice course, senior year.

  • Course Request – let your counselor know you’d like to complete service this way
  • Placement Prep – discuss your interests and get a placement from OSJ staff
  • Service – complete your service during your Period 4 and its adjacent periods (i.e., Community, Lunch, Meeting Period)
  • Check-in – a weekly opportunity to reflect and deepen your experience
  • Reflection – incorporated throughout the semester; simple assignments incorporated

*Students enrolled in the semester course during 2nd Semester will have the full semester to complete service.

Cost: no additional cost, covered by tuition


Self-directed option with one agency. Two timeline options: Spread out (Summer after junior year through Quarter 3 of senior year) or Intensive (e.g., Camp ReCreation, Camp PALS; applications required with organizations).

  • Course Request – let your counselor know you’d like to complete service this way
  • Plan – submit a proposal to the OSJ
  • Confirmation – final approval from OSJ for your plans
  • Service – timeline based on your submitted plan
  • Reflection – at 20 and 30 hours, meet to integrate your experience; simple reflection assignments

When selecting an agency, its mission and the student’s work should directly benefit people experiencing food insecurity, homelessness, poverty; physical or developmental disability; isolation due to old age or illness; educational inequities; or promote environmental justice.

Cost: no additional cost, covered by tuition