Instructions for Obtaining a Work Permit

  1. Click HERE to print off the State of California Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for Work Permit – Certificate of Age Form.
  2. Complete the information under “Minor’s Information.”
  3. Take the form to your employer to complete the information under “To be filled in and signed by employer.”
  4. Your parent or guardian MUST sign the form under “To be filled in and signed by parent or guardian.” By signing this form, you (the parent/guardian) are confirming to the best of your knowledge that all information on the form is correct and true.
  5. Bring completed form to the Main Office.

Please allow 48 hours for the work permit to be issued. You will receive TWO copies, one to keep for your records and one to take to your employer. The employer copy must be signed when you pick it up from the Main Office. 

A “General” work permit will be issued for all students with a properly completed request form. Jesuit High School does not issue a Full-time, Workability, Restricted, or Work Experience permits.

A work permit is valid from the time it is issued until 5 days after school ends, or May 30, at which time you will need to request a new work permit to continue working through the summer. Summer work permits will expire five days after the opening of the school year.

Work permits are required until a student is both 18 years of age and graduated from high school.

If you have any questions regarding work permits, please contact the registrar’s office at (916) 480-2127.