Junior “Choices” Retreat – How our choices impact our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with God
Please see the schedule to plan ahead for your retreat day.


During the second semester, all our Juniors will participate in a day-long, online retreat led by our Senior Retreat Team (SRT). The retreat builds upon the Life Mission Statements written during the Sophomore Retreat by inviting Juniors to consider how their choices affect their relationships with themselves, with others, and with God. The SRT will share their own stories of making choices, working through the consequences, healing relationships, and living with the intention of being “men for and with others.”  The retreat will also include small group conversations and interactive presentations.

Schedule by teacher

Juniors, you will attend the day-long online retreat with the members of your Theology class

Ms. Sara Brabec

  • Ms. Sara Brabec’s 7th-period class:  Tuesday, Mar. 2
  • Ms. Sara Brabec’s 8th-period class:  Tuesday, Mar. 2

Mr. Patrick Brabec

  • Mr. Patrick Brabec’s 1st-period class:  *Thursday, Mar. 4
  • Mr. Patrick Brabec’s 2nd-period class:  *Thursday, Mar. 4
  • Mr. Patrick Brabec’s 6th-period class:  Tuesday, Mar. 2

Mr. Michael Cheney

  • Mr. Michael Cheney’s 1st-period class: *Thursday, Feb. 25
  • Mr. Michael Cheney’s 2nd-period class: *Thursday, Feb. 25
  • Mr. Michael Cheney’s 3rd-period class: *Thursday, Feb. 25
  • Mr. Michael Cheney’s 5th-period class: Tuesday, Feb. 23

Mr. Jeremiah Loverich

  • Mr. Jeremiah Loverich’s 4th-period class: *Thursday, Mar. 4
  • Mr. Jeremiah Loverich’s 6th-period class: Tuesday, Feb. 23

Mr. Nick Luppino

  • Mr. Nick Luppino’s 3rd-period class: *Thursday, March 4
  • Mr. Nick Luppino’s 8th-period class: Tuesday, Feb. 23

Zoom from home from a quiet, private location

*If your retreat is on a Thursday and you plan to attend class or extracurricular activities on-campus later that day or Friday-Sunday, you will need to come to campus for your Covid test that morning, and return home to attend the retreat online. 

You will participate in your retreat from home on Zoom, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, with an excused absence from your other 3 classes that day. The Zoom link and any additional information will be posted to your Theology 3 Google Classroom page. It is important that you are able to join from a place where privacy is available since there will be personal sharing within your small group.

Assignments for the classes you miss on your retreat date should still be submitted by the date they are due.  For new assignments given on your retreat date, be sure to check your Google Classroom and adhere to the posted due date.  Any questions regarding content or assignments should be directed to your teachers.