Junior Retreat
Theology Class Retreat, KAIROS


The Juniors travel with their Theology 3 class to Christ the King Retreat Center for an overnight retreat focusing justice, choices, and prayer. This mandatory retreat is led by the Senior Retreat Team. For more information, please contact Mrs. Kelly Barnes.

Junior Retreat dates are listed on our monthly calendar.

I am a current Junior and heard I can go on Kairos?

  • The final Kairos each year is for the current Junior class - Junior Kairos provides continuity in our retreat program from year-to-year.  We can take 48 Juniors on the Kairos for Juniors.

Does going on Kairos this year guarantee me a leadership spot next year?

  • The Juniors who go on the final Kairos of the year have no priority for Senior Retreat Team, Big Brothers, or Kairos leadership. The only guarantee is that 16 of the Juniors who attend Kairos this year will become leaders of Kairos their Senior year. (However, your odds of becoming a Kairos leader greatly increase the sooner you attend Kairos.)

What if I can’t go on Kairos my Junior year?

  • If you do not go on Junior Kairos, we have four more for your class next year.  In the beginning of next year, we will talk to you about Kairos in your Senior Theology class.