Senior Retreats


The Senior Retreats are called KAIROS, meaning “the Lord’s Time.” The Seniors, in experiencing this four-day retreat, have the opportunity to integrate all of their high school experiences within their own spirituality and values. Retreatants are challenged to find God in the face of all those around them. There are five Kairos retreats each year, the last one being for Juniors. This retreat is led by faculty and students who have made a KAIROS retreat.

I am a rising Senior, why should I go on Kairos?

Kairos is your time to be with yourself, God, and peers for three nights and four days at the Jesuit Retreat Center of the Sierras in Applegate, California.

  • Kairos is one way in which the Spirit works to unify the class, as you can tell with those who attended Kairos from the Class of 2019 through your shared experience of faith and community.
  • Kairos is not mandatory – we hope you will choose to attend.  There is no fee to attend Kairos.
  • Kairos is not a retreat where Catholicism is pushed or conversion is sought.  All we ask is that you are open and honest with yourself, others, and the workings of God on the retreat.
  • As with all retreats, Kairos is an excused absence; it does not count against you in any way.