Tips for Managing Pressures & Stress of School
Ideas for students


Talk to the teachers, get to know them. Seek help.

Students with a sense of autonomy seem to be better equipped to handle pressure and stress.

Take advantage of services the school has to offer, such as study apps, office hours, extra study sessions, and counseling services.

Students who take advantage of these services may be better equipped to handle academic pressure and stress.

Understand that grades do not define people; B students get into college.

Students may believe that grades are the most important factor in determining their future.

Have good time management skills, stay organized, and refrain from procrastinating. Refrain from video games, shows, and social media until after homework is done.

Students who manage their time, stay organized, and do not procrastinate seem to be better equipped to handle academic pressure and stress.

Do not study in bed; have a designated study spot.

Students may fall asleep if studying in bed. A designated study spot can help them focus.

Take breaks during the day to relax.

Taking breaks may be good for mental health.

Start the college search process early and utilize college admissions resources at school.

Once senior year starts, students are busy with school and extracurricular activities.

Get help from a therapist or counselor, if needed.

Therapists and counselors offer many good ideas on how to manage pressure and stress.

Talk with the counselors at school.

Counselors offer many good ideas on how to manage pressure and stress.

Don’t be a stranger, meet new friends throughout high school, there are many supportive peers.

Friends may help students live happier and fuller lives.

If stuck on a problem or essay prompt, write something down, then talk to the teacher.

Having something written shows that students care and are willing to try.

Accept everyone’s differences; not everyone gets straight A’s.

Understanding their strengths and differences may help students appreciate their gifts.

Finding the right fit for college is more important than finding the most selective one.

Students may feel pressure to go to a selective college rather than one that may be a good fit.


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Link to Recommendations Made by Students to Other Students.  

Recommendations made by student participants to other students taken from A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding the Pressure to Perform Academically and Subsequent Stress of Students in High-Performing Catholic College Preparatory High Schools (2019) by Anne Harty.