Monday (1-2-3-4-Comm)

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Virtual Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice: Reflection Meeting 1 – (Welcome Center)

Registration is required for this event from the Office of Service & Justice. 

Full Student Council Meeting (GR 205)

All Student council members will be attending this meeting. 

Jesuit Sportsmen’s Association (LM 104)

The club will hold an interest meeting on Tuesdays at the start of Community.  This meeting is open to all new and returning members.  All are welcome!

College Applications Labs- UC Applications (Counseling Center)

This is for seniors who are looking to get help on their applications for the UCs.  We encourage seniors to drop in and take advantage of this time if they need additional support. It’s also a great opportunity to have an essay and/or personal insight questions reviewed.

Photography Club (CH 102)

This meeting is for new and returning members of the club. The photography club teaches and helps those in the Jesuit community with photography. It also connects those in our community who have an interest in photography and want to learn from others. 

Let’s Get Organized Workshop (ASC)

Calling all Academic Support Center students who would like to get organized for second quarter. Come to the ASC to work on your binders and organization as we start second quarter.

Weight Room

 If you’re looking to get in a workout after school, the weight room is available at limited capacity.  Check in with Coach Nacionales in the weight room.

Algebra Tutoring (GP 206)

Algebra tutoring for freshmen enrolled in Algebra 1 or Geometry students working on Algebra Reviews is available during all community periods in GP206. Students are encouraged to drop in if they need review or practice in any algebra concepts.