Community Period Calendar

The Community Period is intended to provide dedicated but flexible time for programming that will help us rebuild strong community and relationships (e.g. office hours, peer tutoring, club meetings, student-led activities, athletic team meetings, quiet study/homework time in Library, and other programming).

Schedule Community Period Calendar

(6-7-1-2-Comm) Tuesday
Walk a Mile Event during Community

“Walk A Mile” Refugee Awareness Event – Welcome Center

Office of Service & Justice will be hosting an event titled “Walk a Mile in My Shoes: An Exercise in Refugee Awareness.” This is an opportunity to allow our community to pause and consider some of the experiences, including the frustration, disappointments, and hopes, that refugees around the world face daily.


School Schedule FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the schedule, Collaboration, Community and Flex periods

About the Schedule

What are the benefits of this schedule?

The schedule maintains our previous level of classroom instructional time and frequency of class meetings while also providing more structured opportunities for students to feel like they are part of the campus community, by improving access to teachers, re-emphasizing clubs and other co-curricular programs, and giving space and time for new programs for student support to take shape and help our students flourish.