Tuesday (1-2-3-4-Comm)

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Mandatory Frosh/Soph
FBI Presentation – Online Safety & Responsibility (Gym)

This is a mandatory Community period for Freshmen and Sophomores. This FBI special agent-led presentation will help students consider their online actions and digital footprint, and assist them in making better decisions on social media platforms. Students will report to Homeroom at the start of Community Period for attendance before going to the gym. The FBI special agent giving the talk will return to campus to give an evening parent presentation later in the quarter. He has been a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for over 16 years. After investigating White Collar Crime in the Los Angeles Division, he transferred to Sacramento where he has investigated Violent Crimes Against Children cases for over 10 years. Our Special Agent guest speaker has gained valuable information about online safety through these investigations which he passes on to the public through presentations at schools and other public events.