Special Testing Message
For those that missed the on-campus drive through PCR test


If you are receiving this message, Jesuit has noted that you are currently distance learning for one of two reasons:

  • Family Choice to Distance Learn: Many of you have proactively made the choice to have your student remain home and Distance Learn, and we will continue to support you as we move further into the second semester. If at a future time you wish your student to return to campus, please contact Meghan Blees for information on when the next Return to Campus Orientation will be held.
  • Student Missed PCR Test:  You missed or chose, at that time, not to participate in the all-school drive-through PCR testing opportunity and would like an opportunity to return to campus without waiting the additional two weeks. 

Because of the complex logistics of a mass PCR testing followed by rapid antigen screenings in which more than 650 students participated, it was not feasible to manage dozens of individual requests to use a different testing schedule or locations. We do, however, want students who wish to be on campus to have an opportunity to return. For this reason, we are offering this opportunity. 

Instructions for taking an independent COVID PCR test:

If you can independently have your son take a PCR test tomorrow, or Thursday, January 14 at the latest, and receive the results by Sunday he may return to campus next week if the results are negative. 

  1. A COVID PCR test for your student must be done immediately as results take 72-hours or more.
  2. Families will need to get this PCR test through their own medical provider. You may also locate a PCR diagnostic test site on this  California COVID webpage. NOTE – this must be the PCR test, not a rapid antigen or antibody test.
  3. The student’s negative PCR COVID 19 test results must be emailed to Jennifer Riffle Jennifer.Riffle@jesuithighschool.org no later than Monday, January 18 at noon, in order for your student to have his clearance uploaded into PowerSchool.
  4. The student will then need to participate in the Tuesday morning Red antigen screening on January 19 (note that Monday, January 18 is a holiday, so screening is being held Tuesday).

Our experience using the confirmatory PCR test prior to the return to campus has shown to be a critical element of our safe return by detecting a significant number of positive cases of asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic students following the holiday break. 

If you choose not to do the PCR test on your own, your son may return to campus on Monday, January 25 for the standard morning antigen screening.

As always, we appreciate your support of Jesuit and its work in returning more students to in-person learning in the safest way possible.

Thank you,

Michael Wood