Graduates must arrive on campus by 6:30 pm / families must be seated by 7:15pm


You must have an official ticket to attend this event. 

For families who are dining prior to the events, we recommend making dinner reservations and allowing ample time for arriving on campus. We recommend allowing at least 30-40 minutes to park and find your seat before the event.

Grad Attire


  • Dress attire (shoes, dark dress socks, dress slacks, shirt, tie)
  • Clean-shaven
  • School-issued gown and mask
  • Only Kairos crosses/pins and HNS, CSF cords (no other decorations)


  • Consider wedges and flats, spiked heels not recommended (may damage turf)
  • Check the weather—if cool, consider bringing layers and if warm, consider sun hat


 Max of 2 cars per graduate (this includes the graduate)

Graduate Dropoff & Faculty Parking- Jacob Ln

GPS – 1200 Jacob Lane, Carmichael

  • Graduates get dropped off curbside on Jacob Lane before 6:30pm—be a good neighbor and stay school-side, don’t block driveways. (Graduate parking is in the upper chapel lot.) Graduate check-in is at the top of the stairs near the junior quad/above the batting cages.
  • Faculty/Staff park on the Jacob Lane side of campus.

Handicap Parking, Rideshare & Accessible Family Drop-off - American River Dr

GPS – 4740 American River Drive, Sacramento

  • Access to handicap parking will be off of American River Drive. You must have a placard or plates to park in a designated handicap space. 
  • Rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft are encouraged and will have a designated drop-off zone off American River Drive. Please help us be good neighbors, stay school side for traffic flow.
  • For family members who need a more accessible/flat entrance to the event, please use this American River drop-off. Please plan on bringing at least one family member to help attend. 
  • There will be an official entrance and ticket station to the event off of the handicap parking lot.

Standard & Graduate Parking Lot – O’Donnell Dr

GPS – 4660 Fair Oaks Drive, Sacramento

  • Graduates will park near the upper chapel lot unless otherwise directed.
  • Parking will be in the main lots located off Fair Oaks using the O’Donnell entrance. 
  • No tailgating.
  • We ask that you please cooperate with the volunteers in the stadium who are directing the flow of people. They are giving their time to make this event more pleasant for all.     

Seating & Entrance

No - balloons, inflatable pool toys, banners, air horns, etc., are not permitted inside the football stadium because they will obscure the view of our guests and be disruptive to the formality of the events. 

Yes - we encourage water in original, clear containers, sun hats, umbrellas to keep you comfortable before the event begins.

7:15 pm – Must Be Seated

  • Please be in your seat.
  • Umbrellas and sun hats must be taken off / stowed away.

Late Seating

If you arrive after the procession starts, you must wait until the procession finishes before you will be seated.



We understand it may be hot, especially for those in gowns, suits and ties. We will have water for our graduates, first aid and an ambulance on stand-by.

The mandatory covid screenings on May 13th and May 21st keep us in compliance with County guidelines and allow us to host this kind of event. 


Thank you for volunteering! Please follow the instructions in your inbox. Volunteer parking will be through the main school entrance (O’Donnell Drive and Fair Oaks) 

Livestream Broadcast

For quick reference, simply share with family and friends. We will then have the broadcast linked thru at the top of the page. Each evening will begin at 7:15 p.m.

These live broadcasts of the events will be publicly accessible with no registration or login needed. A variety of platforms will be available, including YouTube and Facebook, plus the NFHS Network.