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Earth Day
Join our clubs and classes in caring for our environment

Many classes and clubs are doing special activities and projects to show their love for our environment. Watch for posters, information, activities, and events to get involved in! Also, check out social media to see some creative video clips and info from your fellow marauders.  

Jesuit will be also be placing an emphasis on recycling this summer to kick off next fall. 


Jesuit College Case Study Night
An Insider's Look at College Applications and the Admissions Process

College representatives will lead parents and students through a mock admission committee session using three diverse cases. The exercise will point out the intricacies of the college application process, the strengths and weaknesses of the mock candidates, and the importance of assembling a strong application. Guests will gain insight and understanding as to what is valued in the application through the presentation done in a case study style. The case study will be presented by members from the Jesuit Colleges and Universities. 


Class of 2025 Family Welcome Night

Join us for a casual family welcome to Jesuit! Buy gear from the store, enjoy some brief meet & greet sessions with the administration, and ask questions about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), VPA, Athletics, and religious life. You must have an RSVP to attend this event.


Semester 2 Repetitions
Standard schedule

Repetitions standard, finals special schedule

Repetitions (Thursday, May 13-Friday, May 14)

Standard schedule, on-campus with screening

  Thursday Friday
8:30-9:30 Optional Office Hours Optional Office Hours
9:45-10:45 Period 1 Period 5
11:00-12:00 Period 2 Period 6
12:45-1:45 Period 3 Period 7
2:00-3:05 Period 4 Period 8



Semester 2 Finals
All classes remote/distance learning during finals

Finals special schedule

Finals (Monday – Wednesday)

Special schedule, all groups distance learning

Finals Schedule. *Includes 5 minutes allotted for prayer at the start of each exam
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday
8:30-9:35* Period 1 Period 4 Period 7
11:00-12:05* Period 2 Period 5 Period 8
1:30-2:35* Period 3 Period 6 Make-up Exams

Teachers who are giving a final exam during their scheduled class period will hold a Zoom meeting using the regular class Zoom link. Students are expected to report on time for these exams just as they do for all class meetings, with any materials ready and camera on.

Teachers who are not giving a final exam will need to set clear expectations for the submission of any final papers or projects, which should be due at the time their class would meet on the finals schedule; this may or may not include reporting for a Zoom meeting.

Note: As in our traditional final exam schedule, the time between exams is intended to allow for students with extended time to finish with their allotted time, as well as to provide a sufficient break for all students and teachers between exam periods.