Graduation, Class of 2024
58th Commencement Exercises

Event Memorial Auditorium

Event Details


Commencement Exercises begin promptly at 6:00 pm on Friday, May 24, 2024, at Memorial Auditorium. Details are to be shared closer to the event.

Doors will close 5 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Guests who arrive after the doors close will wait until the procession has finished before taking their seats. 

The Graduation Ceremony will run approximately 2 hours. 


Tickets are required for entry into the Graduation Ceremony. Each graduate is allotted 10 tickets. Closer to the event, details about when to pick up tickets will be shared. Tickets will be available for pick-up by student only. Students will be required to show their student ID and sign for the ticket packet. Parents may not pick up for their students, and tickets will only be given to the student whose name is on the packet. 

Grad Attire


  • Dress attire (shoes, dark dress socks, dress slacks, shirt, tie)
  • Neatly-shaven
  • Graduation gown on top of dress attire
  • Cap (tassels on caps should be worn on the right side)
  • Only Kairos crosses/pins and NHS, CSF cords (no other decorations)

Attire Diagram


Uniformed officers from Sacramento Police Department and MIB security officers will be on hand at Memorial for this event. They will work in conjunction with our staff and the staff at Memorial Auditorium to ensure the safety and success of our event. 

Venue Info

Important Venue Information

Currently, Memorial Auditorium has the following requirements in place for all guests entering the events: 

  • Bags: All bags will undergo a thorough search prior to entry.
  • Balloons: Will not be allowed in the building as they cannot go through the metal detectors.
  • Flowers: Allowed in.
  • Food and Drink: With exception to unopened bottled water or reusable water bottles, food and drink is not permitted inside the venue.
  • Masks: Following California state guidelines, masks are not required at this time. Any updates to the policy will be communicated. Visit their website for further details.
  • Metal Detectors: Everyone will be required to go through a metal detector. All students should be directed to the front of the building for this.
  • Tickets: Every attendee, regardless of age, requires a ticket for entry.    

Please note: Air horns, balloons, signs/banners, beach balls, etc., are not allowed at either ceremony (Baccalaureate or Graduation) and will be permanently confiscated. There have been issues with these items in the past, so please talk with your son and your guests about respecting the ceremony. Thank you!

Photography & Livestream

Livestream will be available for the Graduation Ceremony. Details will be available closer to the event. 

We will have Bill Smith Photography present at both events and a photo of your son on stage with his diploma will be taken.