Club Day comes again

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On Monday, Sept. 18, 2023, Jesuit High School Sacramento will hold its annual Club Day, a time when students can learn all about Jesuit’s various clubs. 

“We had 55 [clubs] that registered early, and we’ve had some more interest in some new clubs that are being made,” said Student Activities Director Mr. Peter Ferrari. “We have a lot of really great cultural and heritage clubs like [Black Student Union], Jewish Student Union, [Asian American Pacific Islanders] club, Latinos Unidos […], and those are always some really popular and important clubs.”

While Jesuit has a Club Day each year, there are some changes to this year’s schedule, which was rearranged to allow for students to access more clubs. 

“We are trying a slightly different schedule that day, so the classes are going to be a little bit shorter and lunch is going to be a little bit longer, and then we’re going to have club day during this longer extended lunch,” Mr. Ferrari said. “I’m hoping that it works well and still gives students a lot of opportunity to engage with the clubs.”

Mr. Ferrari looks forward to students having the opportunity to get engaged in the Jesuit community.

“I hope that students take advantage of Club Day on the 18th,” Mr. Ferrari said. “I hope that they take advantage and enjoy it; it should be a great day!”

There is no set limit for the number of clubs a student can join. Caden Kelly ’25 is a great example of letting your interest drive your participation. 

“I plan on joining the Super Smash Bros and Open World Games clubs,” Caden said “I am also potentially interested in the Chess Club, but honestly, if anything catches my interest, I may join it as long as I have the time to participate.

The goal of Club Day is to allow students to preview most of the clubs and allow them to choose which clubs they think are fit for them.

“I enjoy Club Day as it is a day where I can easily see all the clubs available and join the clubs that I feel will make my time at Jesuit better,” said AJ Makarczyk ’25.

Club Day will be held on Monday, Sept. 18 during lunch. There will be a wide variety of different clubs available for students to join. Make sure to check them all out!