Don’t miss chamber choir’s final performance of the year

Plank Article Jackson Sloat ’23 Rowan Craig '23

On May 4, at 7 p.m. Jesuit High School Sacramento chamber choir will be participating in the spring choral concert held at Our Lady of the Assumption.

A member of the chamber choir, Charles Sander ’23, believes the chamber choir is more than prepared to sing some unique songs.

“We’ve been practicing a lot, and we have a lot of really fun songs that we really like,” Charles said. “We’re prepared and motivated and all excited for our upcoming concert.”

Chamber choir member Jacob De La Torre ’23 is also excited to showcase the hard work and dedication he and his classmates have put into preparing for this concert.

“I’m excited,” Jacob said. “We’ve put in some pretty hard work, so I feel like we can pull this off pretty well.”

Charles is personally excited about one song in particular, and speaks on its importance to seniors and even returning alumni.

“‘No Time’ is a favorite every year that I’ve been here [we’ve done it],” Charles said. “Seniors have come back to our choir rehearsals and joined us in singing that song, because everybody remembers it so well; it’s one of our favorite songs. Look out for ‘No Time’”.

Chamber choir member Liam Delaney ’23 details what the chamber choir has been doing to prepare for the event, and is confident in the group’s ability to perform on Thursday.

“We’re doing pretty well on memorizing our lines for the songs and announcing the descriptions,” Liam said. “We’re all getting better at being more coordinated and synchronized with each other.”

Charles is grateful for his time in the chamber choir. This will be the last event this year for the group, and it will mark the end of his time as a member.

“I’ve spent four years in [the] Jesuit choir and I’m really excited, because we’ve been practicing a lot for this concert, and I know it is going to be the culmination of my and our choir’s experience, especially our seniors,” Charles said.

All admission to the concert will be free. Make sure to come out and support the chamber choir in their last event of the school year.