Holy Rollers spares no expense

Plank Article Cooper Zarro '26

For more than 50 years, the Holy Rollers Bowling Club at Jesuit High School Sacramento has provided students an outlet for fun and social bowling. The club aims to spread bowling in a non-competitive and welcoming way.

Mr. Jon Witucki has been a moderator of Holy Rollers Bowling Club for over 17 years. Bowling is one of his favorite hobbies, which makes him a perfect fit for the club.

“We bowl at Country Club Lanes for about 13 Fridays from the first of October until the middle of March,” Mr. Witucki said. “It is good exercise and a good vehicle for starting the weekend by blowing off some steam after a long week at school. I also enjoy keeping my bowling average up and learning new bowling techniques. In addition, the french fries at Country Club Lanes are the best in the city.”

President of the Holy Rollers Bowling Club Peter Anderson ’25 believes that the club gives its members opportunities for growth, both socially and as bowlers.

“I like that bowling is kinda new for everybody,” Peter said. “Everybody can enjoy something new, and people can see real growth. The difference between members at the start and end of the year is huge. Additionally, bowling is social, and it can be fun to just talk with people while doing something.”

Holy Rollers Club doesn’t just look out for its own bowlers; in fact, it seeks to take care of the whole community. Mr. Witucki shares the club’s long history of charitable endeavors. 

“I am also very pleased that this club has a well-established fundraising activity around the Christmas holidays,” Mr. Witucki said. “The Holy Rollers Bowl-A-Thon has been around for over 50 years.”

The club has given member Liam Stout ’25 an opportunity to forge bonds while bowling.

“Bowling is both an individual and team sport,” Liam said. “While you always strive to improve your score, it is just as fun to watch others improve. I joined the club because I was interested in bowling, especially since my hometown (Yuba City’s) bowling alley shut down years ago.”

For anyone who wants to join the club, the process is simple.

“Any student can bowl with the holy rollers, provided they complete an insurance form first,” Mr. Witucki said. “They can obtain a list of bowling dates and the insurance form from [me] or Ms. Wheeler.”

The Holy Rollers Bowling Club is a long-standing tradition at Jesuit that will continue to provide a fun, charitable, and social environment for Jesuit students for years to come.