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Plank Article Andrew McFadden ’25

Freshman finding success on the diamond

Varsity baseball at Jesuit High School Sacramento has been amongst the most competitive programs in the Northern California area, with many players signing with top collegiate programs and eventually finding their way into Major League Baseball. Because of this competitive history, when a freshman makes the Varsity squad, it’s noticed.

Plank Article Nick Venegas ’22

Christian Covert ’22; revitalizing school spirit

For the last four years, Christian Covert ’22 has immersed himself in all aspects of campus life at Jesuit High School Sacramento. He is known as a dedicated varsity rugby player and exuberant classmate, but his most notable involvement is being the Student Executive Council Vice President.

Plank Article Samuel Gosal ’22 Braden Acosta ’24

Ms. Hilary Ahl uses her expertise to help Jesuit students in the Academic Support Center

The newest addition to the Jesuit High School Sacramento Academic Support Center this year is Ms. Hilary Ahl, the new Assistant of the Academic Support Center. 

Before coming to Jesuit, Ms. Ahl had her own tutoring business where she helped students of all ages in math, science, and SAT prep. She found it very satisfying to see growth in students from not being well organized to finding a focus. 

Plank Article Matt Parks ’21

A Champion’s Resolve

“Poetry is my love, my passion.” 

An unexpected response, but Elijah Beverley ’21 explains how the art form has become a deep part of who he is — a remedy from the world and a gateway to self-exploration.