Jesuit High School students enjoy the new additions to flex areas

Plank Article Coleman Dupre ’21

Most Jesuit High School Sacramento students have a flex period, sometimes even two, in their schedule. While flex periods have always provided students with an opportunity to relax, to work on homework, and to study, this year’s students who are on campus are able to do one more thing: play.

When students returned to campus on Oct. 20, they discovered that Jesuit had added multiple pingpong tables and Xboxes into the Welcome Center, the designated sophomore, junior, and senior flex area. The school also put some pingpong tables in the Harris Center the location freshmen report to for their flex periods. 

Jack Tilton ’21, who serves as Activities Coordinator on Jesuit’s Student Executive Council, is happy with the new additions to the flex areas. 

“I think the changes to the flex room are great,” Jack said. “Both pingpong and Xbox were sweet additions for the students to engage with each other while keeping a distance. I think they are definitely beneficial because it gives the students a break from the day and their work to enjoy themselves.”

Luke Gini ’21 is also pleased with all the new things the Welcome Center has to offer. 

“I enjoy the changes to the flex room,” Luke said. “Students are able to take a mental break from school and enjoy some friendly competition through games on the Xbox or matches on the pingpong table. I personally enjoy the pingpong table more because it allows for me to move around and get my blood flowing which wakes me up for the next class.”

Andy Stidger ’21 appreciates how versatile the new changes allow students to be as they can either get work done or choose to have fun. 

“I think the welcome center is a great new area for flex,” Andy said. “Whether you want to get work done or just kill some time, it’s got good stuff. My favorite change is the pingpong table, but it’s also just a nice place to get some work done if you want to. Also is it just me or would a foosball table be litty? The changes are beneficial because now you can get work done and chill in the same area. It’s also good for our current social distancing situation since it’s pretty easy to maintain distance. All in all the changes make it a good place for whatever you want to do.”

It seems the response from students is overwhelmingly positive, so we’ll see if Jesuit keeps the new additions to the flex areas once things return to normal regarding the pandemic. Of course, there are more ideas than space allows, but stop by the new Welcome Center and check out what is there now.