Mass of the Holy Spirit brings all Jesuit students together

Plank Article Lucas Rucker ’24

On Friday, Aug. 19, the Jesuit High School Sacramento community celebrated the Mass of the Holy Spirit. This mass is not just an annual tradition for our school, but Jesuit high schools and universities all over the world start the new year in the same way.

Father Aaron Engebretson, S.J., the director of liturgy workshop, explains how the Holy Spirit helps students.

“There’s a tradition in Catholic education, Jesuit schools and other schools, to open the year by asking for the Holy Spirit to give the gift of wisdom,” Fr. Engebretson said. “This morning when we gathered for Mass it was to once again begin our year by remembering that all learning and wisdom comes from the gift of the Holy Spirit, and to ask for the Holy Spirit to bless our endeavors as a school.”

Theology teacher Mr. Daniel Mascarenhas, S.J. mentioned that beseeching the Holy Spirit for wisdom at the Mass marked the symbolic beginning of the year.

“This is a Catholic school, and we want to invoke God and the Holy Spirit in everything we do,” Mr. Mascarenhas said. “We like to start everything by invoking God and His Holy Spirit.”

Fr. Engebretson said he hopes that this Mass inspired people to get more involved in liturgical activities on-campus.

“If you are inspired by what’s happening at Mass we’re always looking for people to help us with liturgies,” Fr. Engebretson said. “They can send me an email. I would also encourage people, if they want to continue to deepen their faith, we have liturgies during community period on Thursdays.”

In addition to weekly Thursday mass during community period, students can look forward to the Sophomore Class Mass on Oct. 5, the Junior Class Mass on Oct. 11, the Freshman Class Mass on Oct. 19, and the Senior Class Mass on Oct. 26.