STAR Crew spreads the good news of Jesuit High School

Plank Article Matin Sayareh '25

Coming to Jesuit High School Sacramento as a freshman from middle school can be exciting, but it can also be difficult not knowing what to expect. Director of Admissions Mr. Matthew Ramos ’05 wanted to address this issue so he created the Student Team of Ambassadors for Recruitment or STAR Crew.

Instead of using faculty for recruiting, as many schools do, Mr. Ramos believes current students are the best means for recruiting new students and helping him accomplish his goal.

“My job here is to tell the story of Jesuit, and I think the big part of that story is the students that are here,” Mr. Ramos said. 

The stories students tell make the prospect of coming to Jesuit much less harrowing for future students.

“For those students that don’t know Jesuit, telling those stories, telling those experiences, the successes, the failures, the winning games, and all of those experiences is best coming through [the students’] words and [the students’] eyes,” Mr. Ramos said. 

Andrew Clemente ’24 chose to enroll and ended up enjoying the experience. Now, he wants to help make sure that prospective students know what to expect when coming to Jesuit, so they can have the same positive experience that he has had. 

“I joined STAR Crew because I really like it here at Jesuit and I thought it’s a really good decision for me,” Andrew said. “I wanna tell other middle schools about it so they can have the same opportunities that I’ve had.

One of the reasons Charles Sander’ 23 attended Jesuit was hearing from the Star Crew Ambassadors.

“I joined STAR Crew because when I was in middle school, I really enjoyed hearing about Jesuit from the ambassadors, and they influenced my choice to attend Jesuit.” Charles said.

The experiences students from Jesuit acquire are best told by them, and STAR Crews help leave a lasting impact on students considering Jesuit.