Students participate in annual Christmas Food Drive

Plank Article James Fahey ’20 Lincoln Marks ’20
Full parking lot with students unloading cars and baskets full of canned goods

During the cold winter, hundreds of thousands of families celebrate the holidays with food insecurity. Jesuit High School’s Christmas Food Drive helps to provide for these families from Dec. 2 to 13. 

Nicknamed “Operation Cratchit,” the food drive exists to collect food and warm clothing for the Stanford Settlement, a nonprofit organization that assists families in the Northern California area. The tradition is the oldest on campus, dating back to 1968, and is an ongoing effort for students to give back.

“It not only helps the people involved in the Stanford Settlement with kids and parents of the lower class, but also is a way [for students] to personally reach out,” said Executive Council Vice President Gian Papio ’20.

Students are expected to bring in an average of 80 pounds. Despite the urgency and importance of the operation, Jesuit is currently lacking in adequate donations, which are essential for supporting the thousands of families that rely on the service.

“Any donation helps,” remarked Executive Council Activities Coordinator Jack Minor ’20.

There are various other ways you can contribute to the cause even if you’ve already donated or are unable to provide donations.

“You could always unload the food [on] December 13 at the Stanford Settlement,” said Student Activities Director and Varsity Basketball Head Coach Mr. Tim Kelly. “Students are welcome to come out every morning during the food drive and help collect donations from cars as they arrive and help pack boxes.”

The food drive exists in line with the service mission statement of the school, which integrates faith into helping the community. While some teachers offer extra credit for donations, the main incentive should be to commit a selfless act of good out of compassion.

The Executive Council hopes to raise over 100 thousand pounds of nonperishable food this year. Be sure to bring your donations to the trailer by the upper rugby field before the end of this week.

James Fahey ‘21 and Lincoln Marks ‘21