Mateo Andrade ’26
VPA Student Spotlight


Mateo is not only a talented singer, but also a fantastic human being. He brings commitment, dedication, and positivity to every venture that he is a part of. In our choral program, his leadership brings our choir together both musically and socially. It is a true joy to have the opportunity to work with Mateo. –Mr. Vanderbout

What initially sparked your enthusiasm for your chosen discipline? What else are you involved in at JHS?

Initially, I wanted to take a class in which I could relax and decompress outside of my regular courses. Then, over time, I began to really enjoy learning proper singing techniques and performing harmonies with my fellow singers. Singing has always been something I enjoyed, and Concert Choir has allowed me to express that.

What project, artwork, or performance has made you feel the most proud?

This last Open House performance was very gratifying for me. The performance went very well, and the whole choir sounded amazing. I felt very proud as I knew I and the rest of the choir had done an excellent job. These feelings only grew as I received multiple compliments from friends, family, and even people I did not know.

Why would you encourage future students to join your Visual and Performing Arts Program at JHS?

Taking a Visual Performing Art is very fun and low-stress. Additionally you can learn a lot of life skills you don’t learn during your general courses, like learning to collaborate with others and exercising your creativity. If you ask me, taking a VPA is a must for any high school experience.