Use Permit Amendment Stadium Lighting FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions will be updated as the stadium lighting project progresses



Q: Where can I see a quick summary of what this is about?

We have created a one-sheet summary of Jesuit High School’s Use Permit Amendment request to install stadium lighting. This is an infographic-style flyer to help our community quickly get basic information about the project. 

View One Sheet for the Lighting Project & Event Usage

Q: I got a mailer that said the County could approve this proposal within 30 days. Is this true?

A: No. This timeline is impossible. Any suggestion otherwise would be inaccurate and intentionally misleading.

Q: Why does Jesuit need to install stadium lights?

A: Lighted facilities provide critical protection for athletes, officials, spectators, and all who participate in or attend events. Day games or activities during oppressive fall heat when on-field and stadium temperatures are 20-30 degrees higher than the typical 90-100 degree highs. Stadium lighting also reduces school and neighborhood crowding through greater flexibility for event scheduling.

Q: Will the stadium lights project into the surrounding neighborhood?

A: Jesuit’s stadium light proposal has been certified by the International Dark Sky Association. The proposed lighting is state-of-the-art and widely utilized across California. The environmentally sensitive design eliminates light impacts on local neighbors due to the height of poles and directional focus.  

The new system eliminates the more intrusive temporary lighting currently being used. There have been no neighbor complaints regarding the school’s current use of temporary lighting, which does not utilize the same advanced technology.

Rendering of proposed lighting on a dark night showing the gentle. targeted glow of proposed lights

Q: Are all sports now being moved to night games?

A: No. Jesuit Athletics will primarily focus the use of field lighting on a small schedule of fall night football games. Per CIF guidance, winter soccer, and spring lacrosse games may also be considered to occur under the lights. Soccer is at 4 and 6 for JV/Varsity, Lacrosse is at 5 and 7 for JV /Varsity – both of which historically have low attendance, usually made up of player families.

Q: How often will the lights be used for high-attendance games with PA?

A: Football is the sport with the highest attendance, and the maximum number of regular season home games is six. A few playoff games could be added if the team has a successful season. PA use and the lights have time allowances and level designations per zoning and county specifications, which historically has no field of play use past 10 p.m.  Post-event lighting at a reduced level with no sound may occur for safety during egress in some areas.

Q: Will Jesuit take any steps during games to help traffic control and public safety?

A: YES! Jesuit maintains a year-round School Safety Team, which oversees event safety in partnership with the department hosting the event. Together their focus is to ensure activities are well managed, logistically sound, safe for both participant and spectator, and do not impede the surrounding community. They work closely with local law enforcement and utilize off-duty deputies and officers during high-attendance events, complemented by parent and student volunteers. 

Specifically, nighttime game operations include additional staff, hired security patrol, and a volunteer Community Care Team to monitor the perimeter for loitering and trash, help direct attendees to designated parking areas and provide customer service.

Q: Will Jesuit also expand the athletics buildings, sports complex, and bleachers?

A. NO, this Use Permit Amendment is only for lighting.

Q: Will Jesuit be renting out the stadium to other schools?

A: NO. The installation of lights in the stadium will not increase or change the teams and groups that use the facility. Jesuit High School Sacramento athletic teams, their off-season athletics, and affiliated partners are the only groups using the facility. Partners do include parochial and youth K-8 sports that only hold daytime activities. This will not change when lights are installed.

More so, legally, Jesuit High School cannot rent out campus facilities or have for-profit groups use campus facilities.

Q: Will Jesuit be adding new sports events if they get lights?

A: NO. The installation of lights in the stadium will not increase or change the number of sports games or practices in the stadium. The number of practices and games for sports is governed by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF.) Only the time of some events will be adjusted.

Q. How can people stay informed about this project?

A: Local community members will be kept informed of the projects following County Planning and Community Advisory Committee processes. Sacramento County will notify neighbors of any public meeting involving property within 300 feet of their residence at the appropriate time. Jesuit will also post information on their Good Neighbor webpage.

What will the proposed lighting look like?

Planning Document from County website - dated 3.03.22

How tall will the light poles be?

 Two 100-foot tall poles at the 10-yard lines on the north side of the stadium and two 90-foot tall poles at the 10-yard lines on the south side of the stadium.

What is the County permit review process?

A: The County of Sacramento may review applications for Permit Amendment for Stadium Lighting Project at the Carmichael/Old Foothill Farms Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC)

  • La Sierra Community Center, 5325 Engle Road, Suite 100, Carmichael
  • Access to meeting materials is available HERE via the County website

Please note that official notifications and Brown Act requirements are handled by the County of Sacramento and ancillary community advisory councils.

Where are the project plans?

A: All plans and agendas live on the CPAC area of the County site. To see this specific project, please visit Sac County Planning Projects Viewer – Jesuit Stadium Lighting

Q: When is Jesuit holding meetings to provide updates to the neighborhood? 

A: Jesuit has been holding meetings with neighbors and public meetings as part of the County permitting process. Residents are encouraged to join Jesuit’s Good Neighbor Email List at:

Good Neighbor Meetings are scheduled quarterly on campus at 6:00 pm in the Barry Gymnasium.

  • August 16, 2022
  • October 11, 2022
  • February 9, 2023,
  • May 2, 2023

Additionally, residents with questions or concerns can email or call Jesuit High School at