Senior Summer Reading
Class of 2024


All Senior English Electives:

  • All senior English electives require students to have read the assigned book for their fall elective. The books and relevant classes are listed below; please wait until mid-July when class schedules are posted before reading. 
  • All students will be assessed during the first week of school in a variety of ways, including graded seminars, written assignments, and objective quizzes.

Classic Myth: Circe by Madeline Miller – ISBN 978-0316556323
Detective Fiction:  An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P.D. James ISBN 978-0743219556
Hero’s Journey:  Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse - ISBN 9780811200684
Horror (Psych Realism): The Girl With All the Gifts - ISBN 9780316334754

Double-check the ISBN to ensure that you have purchased the correct paperback version of the text (no eBooks or PDFs allowed). You may opt to buy a used book if the ISBN is correct and the book has not already been annotated (since you will be annotating your text).

English 4AP

Brave New World ISBN 9780060850524 AND 

Exit West ISBN 9780735212206 


View assignment for English 4AP in Google Docs, students must be signed in to view

AP Government

There is no assignment for AP Government.

AP Economics

Krugman’s Economics for AP ISBN 978-1429218276 (please note the updated ISBN)

Please purchase the Textbook listed above and access Google Classroom for additional information.

AP Environmental Science

Please download the assignment APES Summer Assignment

AP Psychology

There is no summer reading for AP Psych.

AP Biology

Please access your online textbook & assignment in Google Docs. The link to the online textbook is on the assignment.

AP Chemistry

Please download the assignment - AP Chemistry Assignment

AP Physics 1

Please access to Google Classroom page and join using the code 4k7lkxy.  The summer reading assignment and directions are found on the stream page for the class.

French 3H and 4AP

Please refer to the Google Classroom page for students in the above French classes.  The class code is: fk5uh2e.  Any questions should be directed to Ms. Leslie Willson at  The link to the correct book is here: French 3 Years

AP 2D Art & Design

Art 2D website 

Please view the website for assignment and reading details.