Senior Summer Reading
Class of 2023


All Senior English Electives:

Double check each ISBN to ensure that you have purchased the correct paper version of each text (no eBooks or PDFs allowed). While you read, you should take notes, annotate, or use other active reading strategies. There is no formal assessment due at the beginning of the year. In the summer reading assessment, you will be asked to call upon your understanding of what you read and to make specific references to the text.

Choose ONE:  Exit West ISBN 9780735212206 OR The Girl With All the Gifts - ISBN 9780316334754 OR When Breath Becomes AirISBN 081298840X

English 4AP

Brave New World ISBN 9780060850524 AND Exit West ISBN 9780735212206. 

Click here for the summer assignment for English4AP

AP Government

There is no assignment for AP Government.

AP Economics

Krugman’s Economics for AP ISBN 978-1429218276

Please purchase the Textbook listed above and access the Google Classroom for additional information. The join code is:  ir2qmrv

AP Psychology


AP Biology

Please access the online textbook here.

Click here to access the assignment for AP Biology

AP Chemistry

Read chapters 1 and 2 in OpenStax Chemistry 2e 

Click here to see the assignment: AP Chemistry Assignment  

If you have any questions about the summer assignment, please email Mr. Wizgall at

AP Physics 1

Please access to Google Classroom page and join using the code n6rf4hm.  The summer reading assignment and directions are found on the stream page for the class.

French 3H and 4AP

Please refer to the Google Classroom page for students in the above French classes.  The class code is: fk5uh2e.  Any questions should be directed to Ms. Leslie Willson at  The link to the correct book is here: French 3 Years