Student Fundraiser Kickoff / All Homerooms (Collaboration)

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The Student Fundraiser event will take place during the morning Collaboration period

On the morning of Tuesday, September 13, we kick off the Student Activities Fundraiser. This important fundraiser helps raise money that is used directly by students, as proceeds from the fundraiser are used to support all student activities and clubs. Funds are also used to support need-based scholarships for costs associated with activities and athletics. Students will be asked to bring the email addresses of 15 adults in their lives, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, Godparents, old coaches, neighbors, family friends, etc. This campaign is not intended to solicit current parents for donations. Students that participate will be rewarded with prizes such as Homecoming tickets, Airpods, and other exciting rewards.  Participation in the fundraiser is a requirement for any student and/or club that would like to receive funds for any activities that Student Activities subsidizes. 


Freshman Baseball Tryout Interest Meeting / Make-up Meeting for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors (Batting Cage)