Collaboration Period
Designated on the online bell schedule with a "Collab"

Updated January 31, 2023

At each start of the week, students should check to see if they have a required collaboration period.  This is easily accessed online through the school website on the main calendar and also under ‘Collaboration Period.’

Collaboration periods (most commonly on Wednesday mornings) are scheduled meeting times for specific groups to work together. Students will meet in groups with counselors, attend assemblies, or gather for class masses. Faculty and staff also use this time to meet and collaborate on curriculum, committees, projects, or meet with students. 

Students with a Collaboration report to the designated spot at the start of that period. For example, most ‘Collab” occur on Wednesday 8:20 – 9:25 a.m.

Students will not always have something to do during Collaboration, so these mornings are often “late starts.” He can sleep in and arrive before the day’s first class period (9:35 a.m.), schedule personal off-campus appointments, or use defined areas of campus (e.g. Harris Center, the King Library). 

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