Staying Connected – Feb 26
Includes Important Campus Safety and Security Reminders


The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and guests is a top priority. Please see below for a few important notes and reminders that will help us keep everyone safe.

Dress Code

Our dress code is an important safety measure that allows us to quickly distinguish our students from campus visitors. As the number of students that are on campus each day continues to increase, it becomes increasingly more helpful to our teachers and campus security staff to have all students in proper dress code attire. 

Closed campus

Jesuit High School remains a closed campus during the course of the school day. Students with a Flex period at the beginning of the day can arrive for class at the conclusion of their Flex period. Similarly, students with a Flex period at the end of the day are allowed to exit campus after their final class. Any student who needs to leave campus during the middle of the day should have a parent/guardian communicate with the Dean’s Office to receive an approved early dismissal from classes. 


Parents of students with known allergies or other medical conditions requiring medication should be sure to update their Final Forms records with the specific health care plan and necessary medications for implementing a student’s specific order. If a student needs a potentially life saving medication, such as an Epipen, he should keep that medication secured on his person in the safest way possible. In addition, we ask that an emergency dose of the medication be provided to the Dean’s Office in the original bottle (if possible) with the student’s name, name of the medication and dose (if possible.) A sealed ziploc style bag would be an option if the original bottle is not available. All medication submitted to the Dean’s Office should be accompanied by a medication form completed by a parent or guardian. All medications submitted to the Dean’s Office are stored in a secure manner and available to the student upon request by the student, a parent, or an EMT/ medical professional. 

 Key safety terms to know

Here are some key terms for us all to be familiar with in case of an on-campus emergency or an event in the vicinity of campus.

For more specific detail regarding any of the policies and procedures described above, please see the pgs. 37 – 41 of the 2020-21 Student Parent Handbook


M  C-1-2-3-4 | Red Screening
T  C-5-6-7-8 | Junior Retreat, Swing into Senior Year
W Student Support Day | 2021 Summit
TH C-1-2-3-4 | Gold Screening, Bingo Night
F C-5-6-7-8 | Senior Retreat