Weekly Update – January 27
Health & Safety Update


In recent weeks, Jesuit has monitored several social media accounts that feature photos of students and staff and their property without their permission. Taking pictures or recording students or staff for personal use without their consent and knowledge is not allowed. Some of the content found on these accounts is highly inappropriate and could lead to severe consequences.

We were recently notified that some Instagram posts on one of these accounts have moved from a parody or positive tone to harmful messaging and bullying. We take these posts seriously and regard all types of bullying, including cyber-bullying, as unacceptable.

I encourage you to please speak with your students about the appropriate use of social media. We need your assistance in ensuring they are not participating in this kind of activity online. This is not the Jesuit way. These social media accounts are not sponsored or managed by the school. I want to let you know that they also contain unapproved use of our school’s name and logo. Appropriate disciplinary action will occur for any student violating others’ privacy, harassing others, or participating in cyberbullying.

I can assure you that the safety of our students, staff, and faculty is always our priority. Working together with our families, we can keep it that way. Continue to say something if you see or hear anything unusual on our campus. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss this or any other school-related matter. For more information on tips on talking to your teens about social media, visit Common Sense Media.

Thank you,

La Roddric C. Theodule, M. Ed
Assistant Principal | Dean of Students




1/31-2/4 Bell Schedule at-a-glance

M  1-2-3-4-5 | Start of Baseball
T  6-7-1-2-Comm | Community, Kairos 153
W Collab-3-4-5-6 |  Collaboration Soph Counseling B
TH 7-1-2-3-Comm | Community, Sophomore Retreat, FBI Presentation 
F Mtg-4-5-6-7 | Senior Diploma Name Confirmation Due, Soccer Senior Day