Weekly Updates


Weekly Update – December 16

Status of Tik Tok threat claims

As some of you may be aware, posts are circulating on Tik Tok implying schools nationwide are receiving threats of potential school shootings to occur on Friday, December 17. 

Neither Jesuit High School nor any public school in our adjoining school district (San Juan USD)  has received any direct threat. 

Local law enforcement is aware of the Tik Tok posts and is also closely monitoring the rumors. If a direct threat occurs against Jesuit Sacramento – our faculty, staff, students, and families will be notified directly, and safety protocols would be enacted immediately.       

We encourage parents and guardians to speak with their student(s) about using social media platforms mindfully and not to share information that may be inaccurate. 

Please immediately report any suspicious posts regarding a local school to law enforcement. We take all threats seriously and will respond to ensure the safety of all.

Spread the word about open positions

Are you or someone you know looking for an opportunity to engage with and support our students and mission at Jesuit? Check out all new opportunities on our website!

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Weekly Update – December 9

A note regarding the end of this semester and returning to school after the upcoming holiday break

Jesuit High School and the Sacramento region have seen an uptick in the spread of COVID, influenza, and other illnesses with the winter season, holiday gatherings, travel, and other indoor activities. Known COVID cases within our Jesuit school community have remained under 0.5%. To date, we have not had any spread of the Covid-19 virus as a result of contact that occurred in a classroom or other on-campus activity.  


Weekly Update – November 18

Parents and Friends,

Every semester I meet with each class in the gym during a collaboration period. We use this time for practical reasons such as basic reminders, promoting upcoming events, or responding to issues on campus (for example, litter, dress code, technology use). We also use this time to pause and note where we are in the school year and simply recognize what is happening in us and around us right now. We practice one aspect of the first week of the Spiritual Exercises to notice God’s creation all around us. The practice of simply noticing is surprisingly powerful.  


Weekly Update – November 4

Don’t forget we have a short week coming up with Veteran’s Day. If you haven’t seen the Fall Drama production “What?!?! A Game Show” you still have a few more chances this weekend. Watch for more holiday events on the calendar.


Weekly Update – October 28

Dear Parents,

A record-breaking storm, flooding, power outages, and social media at its worst, it’s been quite a week. We always do the best we can under unexpected circumstances that present themselves to us – and this week brought us several. We are grateful for your understanding, your confidence in our safety decisions, and your patience in working through the challenges of this week. As always, we are in this together. 


Weekly Update – October 7

Parents and students

Jesuit High School has been monitoring a recent rash of vandalism incidents that has had a negative impact on many middle and high schools in our county. Jesuit is no exception. This trend involves students “licking” or stealing or vandalizing school property and posting about it on social media.

Please read the full message from Dean Theodule.

We want to stress that stealing and/or vandalizing school property is a crime. This is a serious offense, and if a student is found to be stealing, in possession of stolen items, or vandalizing school property (including other people’s personal belongings) they will be subject to disciplinary measures, including suspension or expulsion, may be referred to the local police department for citation, and may be asked to pay for property repair.  


Weekly Update – September 30

October means that we are in the midst of admissions season where we spend countless hours preaching about the mission of Jesuit High School and the incredible opportunities that it affords our students. Our Admissions Team is doing excellent work as they attend school visits, organize shadow days, and prepare for our Future Marauder Open Campus event on Sunday, October 17. I am especially excited about the new innovations we have built into this year’s open house. We have activated more areas of the campus, offering greater opportunities for personal interaction and a hands-on feel of what it is like to be a Marauder. 

Our current parents and students are our greatest ambassadors, so I ask that you spread the word and invite prospective families to attend! This annual event is one of the most important for spreading the word about Jesuit High School and getting people on campus to hear our story and see what it means to form Men for Others.


Weekly Update – September 2
Timely Reminders Including Traffic, Mitigation and Upcoming Opportunities

MASKING – As we begin to see school closures locally and across the country, we want to continue to be attentive to our mitigation efforts. While most of our students have been excellent in their cooperation with wearing masks properly while indoors, our teachers and staff are finding that some students need a constant reminder. Students in this situation may be asked to leave the classroom and report to the Dean’s Office during class if they are in need of a constant reminder. We also ask that you help to make sure your son brings a properly functioning mask and a backup mask to school each day. 

TRAFFIC – Another good reminder as we begin to find our rhythm in this school year is ensuring you take sufficient time in the morning to avoid being tardy. As more schools begin to open and fewer families are carpooling, traffic seems to have increased throughout the area. Please account for possible traffic delays in your commute to ensure on-time arrival.

We once again want to thank our students and families for the manner in which you have partnered with Jesuit to maintain a safe and open campus.


M  Holiday | Labor Day
T  1-2-Comm-3-4 | Community Period Time, Counseling Frosh/Soph Parent Webinar
W C-5-6-7-1 | Collaboration, Booster Club Meeting, Loyola Guild Meeting, Senior Shirt Sale Deadline
TH  2-3-4-5-Comm | Community Period Time, Service & Justice Agency Fair and Supply Drive
F Mtg-6-7 | Department Meetings, Frosh/Soph Parent Counselor Coffee, Holy Bowl Rally, IFTJ Application Deadline 


Weekly Update – August 26

This is a good time to remind families of some basic expectations as they relate to our COVID mitigation. Please keep students home from school when sick and notify our school nurse of any positive cases or exposures in your family. This has been working well so far and we appreciate the support and communication from our families. We have seen relatively few cases in our school community since the start of the school year.

If we do start to see cases rise in our school community, Jesuit may ask that all students show proof of vaccine or provide a recent negative COVID test as an added layer of safety. Families will be notified in advance, will be given plenty of time to provide proof of vaccine or negative test. Using this tool as an occasional layer of mitigation will help us to be safe, minimize exposures and quarantines, and ensure that the campus can remain open for all students, faculty, and staff. Again, we share this as a possible option should the school feel it is a necessary step. 


M  1-2-3-4-5 | 
T  6-7-1-2-Comm | Community Period Time 
W C-3-4-5-6 | 
TH  7-1-2-3-Comm | Community Period Time 
F Mtg-4-5-6-7 | Faculty/Staff Faith Formation (school offices closed til 9:15), Last chance to request a schedule change 


Weekly Update – August 19

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Below is your ‘Weekly Update.’ 


M  1-2-3-4-5
T  6-7-1-2-Comm | Community Period Time 
W C-3-4-5-6 | Juniors: Ground Crew | Seniors: Counseling B | Big Brother Training 
TH Liturgy*- 7-1-2-3  | Mass of the Holy Spirit Frosh/Senior NEW (*Soph/Jr late start)
F Liturgy*-4-5-6-7 | Mass of the Holy Spirit Soph/Junior NEW  (*Frosh/Sr late start)


Weekly Family Update – Aug 6
COVID policy reminders, orientations

Parents and Friends,

In this week’s update, we have some additional details and changes regarding our COVID-19 mitigation plans to start the school year, all informed by the Sacramento County Department of Public Health, California Department of Public Health, and CDC, and the state of the virus in the greater Sacramento community. We also share some important reminders for next week’s events and other information for the start of school.

We look forward to a good school year together at Jesuit!

Michael Wood ’99