Jesuit Highschool prepares for 50th Reunion in Alumni Weekend

Plank Article Kevin Mun ’22

Jesuit High School Sacramento is hosting their 50th annual high school reunion within the upcoming Alumni Weekend which will take place on Sept. 24 to 26 on campus. Jesuit is welcoming the classes of 1970-1971, 1980-1981, 1990-1991, 2000-2001, and 2010-2011 to the celebration. 

The weekend is filled with six events which all aim to aid the alums in regrounding their roots here at Jesuit, including the 50th Annual Lunch Tour and the 50th Reunion dinner.

Director of alumni relations Mr. Christopher Marshall ’03 shares how planning Alumni events is gratifying for him.  

“It’s super rewarding,” Mr. Marshall said. “The more time I spend as the Alumni Director the more stories I hear about Alums having really long meaningful friendships with other Alums.”

Mr. Marshall feels that this event provides Alums with a chance to remember where they came from and where they were shaped into what they have become.

“It should be an opportunity to reconnect with your roots,” Mr. Marshall said. “I think that at times you need to reconnect with the communities that have helped you be successful and helped turn you into the guy you are today.”

Principal Dr. Michael Wood ’99 expresses the significance of the upcoming event and how the campus can be a token of the former students’ relationships. 

“Alumni Weekends are important to invite our alumni back to the campus to see the place that was so important to them for their formative years, and to allow them to keep telling the story of Jesuit High School, even beyond their graduation,” Dr. Wood said. “I think this physical campus means a lot to people, the space it brings back memories, they can see how it’s evolved and changed over the years, and it’s a real connection. I think you connect to the physical place that is 1200 Jacob lane.”

Mr. Marshall voiced a similar opinion about having the Alums on campus for the weekend. 

“I think some of these guys won’t have been back on campus in some cases 10-15 years,” Mr. Marshall said. “So coming back and seeing everything has changed over that time is gonna be really neat.”

Jesuit is excited to invite back Alums for the 50th annual Alumni Weekend. The event will begin Friday evening and end with a Sunday morning mass.