Students elect new Executive Council

Plank Article Henry Krueger ’21

In a competitive election that lasted three days and had two run-off votes for president, the students of Jesuit High School Sacramento elected a new Executive Council for the 2020-2021 school year.

Ronan Brothers ’21 was elected president; Jake Hall ’21, vice president; Jakob Marrone ’21, secretary/treasurer; Jack Tilton ’21, activities coordinator; Andrew Gannaway ’21, intramurals coordinator; Carlo Di Fiore ’21, publicity coordinator; and Ryan Huggins ’21, head cheerleader. 

Due to school closure, candidates created short videos proclaiming what they would accomplish if elected. In previous years, those running for Executive Council delivered speeches to students in the Fr. Barry Gymnasium. 

Newly appointed president and vice president, Ronan and Jake, believe students made the right choice in voting for them.

“Some qualities of mine that make me great for the position are my leadership and creativity,” Ronan said. “I was student body president of my grade school, and I think it prepared me for this position, but of course this time is much more serious with more opportunity. I also work great on a team and am very productive, especially when it’s something I’m having fun with and care about.”

“I demonstrate strong leadership skills and great decision making that make me a strong vice president,” Jake said. “Past adversity has given me the strength today to face anything coming my way.”

While the 2020-2021 Executive Council will have the same responsibilities as student governments before them, the coronavirus presents a new set of challenges.

“Right now is a very strange time in the history of Jesuit, and my first priority is to get the energy on campus back to what it was before the quarantine, and then do everything we can to elevate the Jesuit spirit even more,” Ronan said.

How will Ronan increase Jesuit’s spirit? 

“Over the span of the year, I will try to bring back old traditions, like the night rally, [which] was one of my favorite events at Jesuit and hasn’t been done in two years,” Ronan said. “I also have new ideas about dance themes and on-campus activities that I want to try out.”

Regardless of what challenges they face, it seems like Jesuit’s new leaders have a plan to make the 2020-2021 school year one to remember.

Henry Krueger ‘21, Editor-in-Chief