Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Admissions
Check-out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!


After completing the application online, what are the next steps in the admissions process?

Remember, your application is not complete until all items are checked on your Admission portal’s online checklist (such as recommendations, grades, or video.) Your next steps will include a letter to let you know if you have been accepted, financial aid award (if you applied for Financial Aid) and registration. Please visit the admissions timeline for more information. If you missed applying or still wish to apply for Financial Aid please reach out directly to Jessica Billigmeier for more information on next steps. Our goal is to make a Jesuit education accessible and affordable for everyone who is eligible for admission. If you did not complete your application, please reach out directly to the Admissions team at or reply to any of the communications sent by the team.

When will I know if my kid is accepted to Jesuit?

Applications are due on Friday, January 21, and acceptance letters will be mailed on Friday, February 18. If you have not received a letter by the following week, please feel free to reach out to the Admissions Team. Please visit the admissions timeline for more information on what comes next!


What is the High School Placement Test (HSPT)? 

Does it determine AP and honors courses? When are the results of the HSPT test made available to the parents? How much of the HSPT determine class placement vs grades/teacher recommendations?

The High School Placement Test is a standardized test used by all Catholic Schools. The HSPT is only one factor in determining acceptance to Jesuit as well as class placement and is used in conjunction with teacher input, grades, and student interest. HSPT test results will be mailed home with acceptance letters on February 18. Please visit the placement test page for more information.


What and when are challenge tests? Which subjects?

Once your son has been accepted to Jesuit, sign-ups for challenge tests can be done through the registration process. Challenge tests are available for Math, World Languages, Science and English. Challenge tests allow us to understand a student’s comprehension of a subject before permitting a jump to an accelerated or higher-level course.  Please visit Placement Tests for more information.


What classes are offered at Jesuit High School?

Visit our department pages to read each departments’ course list, philosophy, and scope. You can also find our current course catalog, which lists classes and descriptions.


What clubs are offered at Jesuit High School? When do they meet?

Jesuit offers more than 50 student-led clubs across a large range of interests. Our goal is that students acquire knowledge about themselves through working with others and in cooperation with students of different interests, backgrounds, and personalities. Jesuit offers many clubs to choose from, but if you don’t see the right one for you, we encourage you to start a new one! Jesuit’s unique block schedule incorporates Community Periods into the week which is an ideal team for clubs to meet. Please visit Clubs under Student Life for more information.


Are summer school classes offered for any incoming freshman?

What is the cost for the summer course ”Jesuit Prep”? Will we be notified if my son needs to take the algebra review?

Did you know we have Summer camps and classes for boys and girls of all ages? Summer registration begins in mid-February. Please review our Summer at Jesuit area for more information. Any student requirements that must be completed over the summer will be clearly communicated.


When is the first day of school?

When will the academic calendar be shared?

  • Important Dates for the Academic Year such as holidays, the first day of class, and finals are shared with families towards the end of the second semester and posted on the main school calendar over the summer
  • Always check our online calendar for the most up-to-date information
  • Review the bell calendar (under Quick Links) for class times and rotations


Are the students required to provide their own iPad or computer?

Jesuit has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.  This means families may choose a laptop, tablet, or iPad from a list of recommended devices that meet minimum specifications.  Please review our website for additional information and specifications:


Are there resources for helping families set-up carpools?

Absolutely! Jesuit High School serves students from the greater Sacramento metropolitan area. In addition to the local area, students come to Jesuit from Auburn, Davis, Elk Grove, Placerville, Winters, West Sacramento, Woodland, Vacaville, and Yuba City to name a few. Students and parents make their own carpool arrangements, but we do have a parent volunteer who helps facilitate carpools.  There is also a volunteer, parent-run cooperative providing bus transportation from the Highway 80 corridor to Jesuit and St. Francis Catholic High Schools in Sacramento, CA. Please visit for more information.


What sports teams does Jesuit offer, and how hard is it to make the team?

Jesuit is proud to offer 14 sports teams, about half of which are non-cut.  Joining a non-cut Fall sport (football, cross country, and water polo) is a great opportunity to get to know your classmates right off the bat.  Practice schedules and requirements can be found on our website: 


Which colleges and universities do Jesuit graduates get accepted to?

Jesuit High School is proud to have graduates accepted at colleges all around the country.  Please take a moment to look over the list of schools our recent graduates have been accepted to: 


We are neither Catholic nor Christian, how will we fit into the Jesuit community?

Jesuit welcomes students and families of all faiths as it is the primary goal of Jesuit education to bring students closer to God. Our Theology teachers and retreat leaders serve students of all faiths and invite students to deepen their spiritual lives while working to create a more just world. We have found that our collaboration and relationship building with students and families of other faiths invite us all to deepen our awareness and appreciation of our own faith journey. All are welcome to join the Jesuit High School community.  Please visit for additional information.


Do kids wear a specific uniform to school?  What is the dress code?

Jesuit High School believes that student appearance has an impact on attitude and behavior. Therefore, we do have a dress code policy as well as a store where dress code approved items may be purchased.  More details may be found at the following links: 


How much is tuition?

Please visit our Tuition page for details: 


What is the parent volunteer requirement for next year?  How do we sign up for Helper Helper?

Our Volunteers in Partnership program is an integral part of a student’s success at Jesuit High School. All families are required to volunteer a total of 25 hours in support of school events or activities during the school year.  Opportunities and hours are managed through the Helper Helper website/app.  More information may be found here: and