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Apply from Public School
How to become a Marauder out of public middle school

Take a Tour

Visit and let us show you why Jesuit is unlike any other school in Sacramento—then apply!

The best way to see if Jesuit is a good fit for your family is to walk the campus and talk to students, teachers and coaches. Multiple ways to visit—pick one or more, in any combination.

  1. Schedule a Shadow Day and glimpse daily student life.
  2. Or Schedule a Tour with one of our Admissions team
  3.  Apply! After you get to know us, we encourage you to complete an application to attend.

We welcome all middle school students to check us out and get to know us too. Many of our events are open to 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Also, don’t forget to check the calendar for other events, such as middle/elementary school nights at sports games, student club workshops, and more! 

Open House was in October. If you aren’t looking to transfer this upcoming fall, we strongly recommend attending Open House next fall to see the whole campus activated—clubs, athletics, and academics have booths full of coaches, teachers, and students ready to answer questions and talk about their experience.


Start your application
Don't be intimidated!

Like other private institutions and some specialty programs, we have an application process. Applications to join as a freshman are open to all male students currently in the 8th grade. Free application ends November 15, after which there is a $50 application fee that will be collected at the end of the online process.

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