Info Meetings

Jesuit Drama hosts an Info Meeting before every production begins.  It’s a chance for any and all who are interested in working on and off stage to “come find out what the show’s about.”  We’ll announce the show, talk about auditions, explain how to sign up for tech, give you a handout with everything you might need to know about joining us, and provide time to answer any questions that you might have.

“Come find out what the show’s about!”

All are welcome.



“All are welcome”  to attend our auditions.

Information about the production, schedules, audition requirements and guidelines and optional audition workshops are shared at the Info Meetings.  No experience is necessary.  All are welcome!

Jesuit Drama looks forward to working with students who are kind, open, ready to learn, ready to work, and ready to have fun.

Let us know how we can help!

Overview Ed Trafton ’84

Tech Crew

Students interested in working in production should attend the Info Meetings to find out about the several tech opportunities that range from stage management, design internships, production run crew, and all the various departments such as construction, costuming, digital-design, film, house management, lighting, and sound.

During production, Jesuit Drama students collaborate with and are instructed by dedicated, professional theater artists, designers and technicians.

No experience necessary.  All are welcome!

Overview Ed Trafton ’84

Beyond the Black Box

“Your greatness is not what you have.  It’s what you share…”

Beyond the Black Box is the outreach program of Jesuit Drama that gives cast and crew members the chance to share their gifts and provide service and support to the larger community.


Drama Gallery

“I like the ephemeral thing about theater…every performance is like a ghost:  it’s there and then it’s gone.”  (Maggie Smith)


Drama News & Alumni

Jesuit Drama is proud of all of its alumni!  Please drop us a note and tell us what you’re up to…on or off stage.