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Jesuit education follows an Ignatian pedagogy that includes five key elements—context, experience, reflection, action, and evaluation. In photography students situate the practice and study of Media Arts in this Ignatian pedagogy. Many of the photos used on our website are from our media students. Keep exploring and view the Digital Media Center, a gallery of work from the students of Digital Photography 1A / 1B and Advanced Digital Media.

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Jesuit High School offers a two-semester course designed to introduce our students to digital photography. Students have the opportunity to experiment with digital photography equipment, digital photographic manipulation computer programs, image making or manipulating equipment, elements and principles of design/art (including photo history) and concepts to create photographic and/or digital art images. In this context, students study the elements and principles of design/art as they apply to digital photographic images from black and white and color film era, focusing on the sensory, formal, expressive and aesthetic properties of photographic art and will examine closely the history and development of photography.

Arts Phelan Chapel of the North American Martyrs

2025 Cannonball Collection
A JHS Student Exhibition of Work from Studio Art & Photography

A free event

Please join us for Jesuit High School’s 2025 Cannonball Collection: A Student Art Exhibition, which will take place on May 6 in the vestibule of the Phelan Chapel of the North American Martyrs. Visual Arts students entered original pieces for local artist judges to consider. The show itself has been curated by the judges to reflect the best pieces submitted. The show begins at 5:30pm, and the winners will be announced at 6:30pm. Light refreshments will be provided.