Staying Connected – Sept 25
Time to do a self-check and see what lies ahead - COVID update, Student Activities, Academics, Faith and Justice.


A message from the Principal to our students, parents, families and friends

It is hard to believe, but we are just two weeks away from the end of the first quarter! It is now time to check in with all members of the community to assess how we are doing and to consider adjustments for the second quarter. While we hesitate to predict the results of feedback before issuing surveys, I am confident that one predominant theme will emerge from the student, parent and teacher responses: the sustainability of our current plan with regard to teacher and student wellness. It is becoming increasingly clear that the demands of distance learning are creating unsustainable and possibly unhealthy levels of stress, fatigue, anxiety, and frustration. We are seeing this in our peer schools and schools nationwide.

Even with improved technology and new teaching tools, the weight of distance learning, coupled with other stresses caused by the pandemic, will likely cause burnout and ultimately diminish both the teaching and learning experience. We need to find a balance that encourages us to explore spaces where we can slow down and recharge. We cannot expect that the same levels of academic rigor and co-curricular involvement be maintained in this climate. I have confidence we can find this balance and fully advance our mission.

These themes of doing a “self-check” and striking a healthier balance have even more implications as we prepare for a possible physical return to campus in mid-October (more on that below). We learn more each day and must be open to adjusting our plans, using the knowledge gained by other schools in the Province who have started a phased return to campus. This gives us insight on what is working and what is not. We need to be open to feedback from our students and teachers so we can prepare for the upcoming  second quarter in a way that is sustainable and life-giving. We sent a survey to students and teachers today, and we invite parents to complete this brief survey as well. 

In closing, I would like to update you on the possible timeline for a return to campus. The county metrics as of Tuesday, September 22 fall within the range of the “Substantial” or red tier. If the county metrics remain at these levels on September 29, the county will officially move into this “Substantial” tier next week which opens up the possibility for a return to campus the week of October 12. This is still consistent with the timeline we communicated in early September where we noted a possible return to campus the week of October 12.  The situation is still fluid and it is certainly possible for Sacramento County metrics to shift and require that we remain in the “Widespread” or purple tier. We hope to make a more definitive decision on the return timeline by the end of next week.

Peace and Blessings,

Dr. Michael Wood, Ed.D., Principal | JHS Class of 1999

 “What fills and satisfies the soul consists, not in knowing much, but in our understanding the realities profoundly and savoring them interiorly.” 

—Spiritual Exercises,  § 2


Next Week’s Calendar At-A-Glance

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