Weekly Update – August 24, 2023


Emergency drills follow-up from the Dean’s Office:        

We successfully completed our annual campus-wide safety drills and education period this past Tuesday.  Students learned about evacuating campus as well as the various levels of threat that may cause an emergency alert for our campus.  Please visit Key Safety Terms to learn more about how we define those three levels of threat.

During the course of Tuesday’s drill period, we also tested our emergency contact system. Each student and parent should have received a text message, and an automated phone call message from our emergency contact system at approximately 11:50a -12:00p. All parents should have also received an email from our emergency contact system. If you or your son did not receive one or more of these communications, please log into FinalForms to update your contact information.


8/28 - 9/1: upcoming Bell Schedule at-a-glance

M  1-2-3-4-5 |  
T  6-7-1-2-Comm | Parent Dinners
W Collab-3-4-5-6 |  Parent Dinners
TH 7-1-2-3-Comm |  Parent Dinners
F Mtg-4-5-6-7 |  Offices closed until 9:15am, CSF Applications due, Fall Play call backs