Weekly Update – October 7


Parents and students

Jesuit High School has been monitoring a recent rash of vandalism incidents that has had a negative impact on many middle and high schools in our county. Jesuit is no exception. This trend involves students “licking” or stealing or vandalizing school property and posting about it on social media.

Please read the full message from Dean Theodule.

We want to stress that stealing and/or vandalizing school property is a crime. This is a serious offense, and if a student is found to be stealing, in possession of stolen items, or vandalizing school property (including other people’s personal belongings) they will be subject to disciplinary measures, including suspension or expulsion, may be referred to the local police department for citation, and may be asked to pay for property repair.  

Parents, please talk with your student about the serious consequences of participating in any activity that involves stealing or damaging school property. We encourage you to monitor your child’s social media activity. 

Students, as always, you may reach out to speak with a faculty member, counselor, coach, or other trusted adult on campus at any time. We believe the good young men of Jesuit do not want this behavior to continue and that you desire a brotherhood that holds your peers accountable. We are better than this. You can help end this dangerous and destructive behavior. 

Thank you for your assistance in helping stop this activity in our community.

Michael Wood ‘99, Principal



10/11-10/15 Bell Schedule at-a-glance

M  1-2-3-4-Comm | Community Period Time
T  Collab-5-6-7-1 
W National Test Day | Frosh EDT, Soph Pre-ACT, Juniors PSAT
TH 2-3-4-5-Comm | Community Period Time, Scholarship Event
F Mtg-6-7 |  Faculty Staff Meeting, School offices closed until 9:15 am