Weekly Update – September 2
Timely Reminders Including Traffic, Mitigation and Upcoming Opportunities


MASKING – As we begin to see school closures locally and across the country, we want to continue to be attentive to our mitigation efforts. While most of our students have been excellent in their cooperation with wearing masks properly while indoors, our teachers and staff are finding that some students need a constant reminder. Students in this situation may be asked to leave the classroom and report to the Dean’s Office during class if they are in need of a constant reminder. We also ask that you help to make sure your son brings a properly functioning mask and a backup mask to school each day. 

TRAFFIC – Another good reminder as we begin to find our rhythm in this school year is ensuring you take sufficient time in the morning to avoid being tardy. As more schools begin to open and fewer families are carpooling, traffic seems to have increased throughout the area. Please account for possible traffic delays in your commute to ensure on-time arrival.

We once again want to thank our students and families for the manner in which you have partnered with Jesuit to maintain a safe and open campus.


M  Holiday | Labor Day
T  1-2-Comm-3-4 | Community Period Time, Counseling Frosh/Soph Parent Webinar
W C-5-6-7-1 | Collaboration, Booster Club Meeting, Loyola Guild Meeting, Senior Shirt Sale Deadline
TH  2-3-4-5-Comm | Community Period Time, Service & Justice Agency Fair and Supply Drive
F Mtg-6-7 | Department Meetings, Frosh/Soph Parent Counselor Coffee, Holy Bowl Rally, IFTJ Application Deadline