Students talk about their plans for Easter Break

Plank Article Sebastian Booth ’22

With the fourth quarter well underway and the 2020-2021 school year a little less than 2 months from being over, there is one thing on every student’s mind: Easter Break. 

Serving as the last major breather for students preparing for finals and possibly getting ready for college, it’s no surprise students want to take advantage of this time to relax and unwind, or get ready for the next step in their lives.

For Jesuit High School Sacramento, Easter Break begins on April 1 with students returning to school on April 12. 

Hudson Fahrenholz ’21 has plans for work and leisure time over break. 

“During break, I’ll be doing a lot of running in preparation for basic training at the Air Force Academy,” Hudson said. “Additionally, I’ll be taking the time to relax and hang out with some friends.” 

For Hunter Cameron ’21, the break is an opportunity to relax and do what makes him happy. 

“I plan on chilling at home, playing video games, and catching up on sleep,” Hunter said. “Also, I plan on hanging out with friends, and possibly going on a little road trip.” 

While some plan to just relax and see friends, Christian Ladd ’21 will be using the break to visit colleges and help him make his important decision.  

“My plan for Easter break is to go golfing with my friends,” Christian said. “Then on Monday I plan to go visit the colleges I applied to.” 

With this time usually being one of the more stressful periods of the year as finals are approaching, it’s clear students appreciate getting a break from school.