Weekly Update – October 13, 2022


October is usually the time when many families finalize their holiday plans for November and December. We want to take this opportunity to strongly recommend that you plan vacations to coincide with the holiday breaks so your student does not miss school days or class time.

The breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas are lengthy and allow for much-needed time to rest, bond as a family, and reflect on the past year. We ask that you use those times and not extend trips beyond the vacation periods. Attendance is critical to your son’s progression through the curriculum. Your son has been working very hard this semester, and extra days away from the classroom can impede that momentum, especially approaching the end of the semester. Additionally, missing school around holiday breaks significantly impacts our teachers as they often must adjust schedules or add in extra time to help maintain their students’ progress. 

Please note that we do not allow students to take final exams early, and any make-up finals for students with excused absences are administered during the Christmas break on a schedule set by the Office of Academics. See page 36 of the Student-Parent Handbook for full details on the final exam absence policy.

We appreciate your support in maintaining your son’s regular attendance throughout the year.


10/17 – 10/21 Bell Schedule at-a-glance

M  Holiday | Feast of the North American Martyrs 
T  1-2-3-4-Comm | Immersion Info Meeting Zoom, College Application Lab
W Collab-5-6-7-Comm | FR class mass, SO, JR Immersion Info Mtg, SR Counseling B, Mandatory Community (Sports Rally)
TH 1-2-3-4-Comm | Frosh Soccer Info Meeting, College Application Lab, Parent Teacher Conference Appt Deadline
F Mtg-5-6-7 | Jesuit Art Event