Concussion Management


Concussion Management
Should your son suffer a concussion participating in the sports listed below:

Jesuit High School is partnering with the Wells Fargo Play It Safe Concussion Care Program to make sure our student-athletes have access to the leading head trauma professionals in the Sacramento area.  In addition to the professional referral, we are offering additional insurance to our student-athletes and their families in the following sports: football, soccer, water polo, wrestling, basketball, rugby, baseball, and lacrosse.

Please review the Concussion Information Sheet.  It offers signs and symptoms of concussions.  Please note that most concussions do not occur with loss of consciousness.  If your child reports any symptoms of concussion, or you observe any signs or symptoms of concussion yourself, seek medical attention.

Should a concussion occur, please contact the Jesuit Athletic Department immediately to start the referral/claim process. The AIG claim form is provided below and has sections for parents to fill out and Jesuit HS AD personnel to fill out. Forms will be returned if not properly filled out.  Please check the Jesuit High School Concussion Policy sheet provided for guidelines and instructions to follow.


Return to Play Progression
Once the athlete is cleared by the specialist, our staff trainers will administer this progression and evaluate the athlete for ultimate clearance to participate.

Baseline (Step 0)

As the baseline step of the Return to Play Progression, the athlete needs to have completed physical and cognitive rest and not be experiencing concussion symptoms for a minimum of 24 hours.  Keep in mind, the younger the athlete, the more conservative the treatment.

Step 1: Light Aerobic Exercise

The Goal: only to increase an athlete’s heart rate

The Time: 5 to 10 minutes

The Activities: exercise bike, walking, or light jogging.

Absolutely NO weight lifting, jumping, or hard running