Strength and Conditioning


Strength and Conditioning

Mission Statement

Jesuit High School Strength & Conditioning is dedicated to providing all Student-Athletes with a comprehensive, safe and effective training program that optimizes athletic ability and reduces the risk of injury.


The training philosophy of the Jesuit High School Strength & Conditioning program is based on performing exercises and drills that will produce movement patterns conducive to enhancing athletic ability.  These movement-based exercises are generally ground-based, complex, core driven and explosive exposing the Student-Athlete to the forces generated during sport.


Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning

A 12 week preseason strength & conditioning program is mandatory for all varsity athlete candidates.  In conjunction with the head coaches, the Strength & Conditioning Staff will provide specific dates and times for each preseason cycle for each sport. In general the schedule is as follows:

Sep/Oct/Nov – Basketball, Wrestling, Rugby

Nov/Dec/Jan – Baseball, Track, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Swimming

Jun/Jul/Aug -Football, Cross Country, Soccer, Water Polo            

Additional training cycles covering in-season and off-season training will be provided at the discretion of each head coach.



The Program

The Strength & Conditioning program is made up of the following:

  • Dynamic Warm-up – Warming up by dynamically increasing intramuscular temperature while actively stretching.  A series of athletic movements performed for 10 yards focuses on posture, balance, coordination and flexibility. 
  • Speed, Agility & Jumping – Acceleration and deceleration in multiple directions combined with balance and coordination is the key to running faster and jumping higher.
  • Power Lifting – Pushing and Pulling heavy loads slowly through a functional range of motion to maximize strength gains.
  • Weight Lifting – Pushing and pulling heavy loads quickly through a functional range of motion to maximize power gains.
  • Functional Training – Utilizing body weight exercises and drills using kettlebells, medicine balls, tractor tires and other implements to produce core driven, explosive athletic movement. 
  • High Intensity Conditioning –  A series of circuit training and interval routines in the weight room and in the stadium designed to maximize increases in work capacity.

The Facility

Built in 2006, the Jesuit High School Weight Room is housed in the Student Athletic Center.  At nearly 5000 square feet, it features a 35 yard, 3 lane Pulastic sprinting surface, 20 lifting racks, 12 Olympic Lifting stations, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Medicine balls, GHD’s, Ergs and Plyo-boxes.