Visual & Performing Arts Department


Visual & Performing Arts

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
The Art of Film A/B

Studio Art 1A/1B – Introduction to Drawing / Painting

Digital Photography 1A/1B

Instrumental Music – Beginning Band and Strings

Studio Art 2A/2B – Advanced Drawing / Painting

Studio Art 2A/2B (H) – Advanced Drawing / Painting

Digital Filmmaking 1A/1B


Digital Art 1A/1B


Concert Choir

AP Studio Art

Chamber Choir (H)

Desktop Publishing (Yearbook)

AP Music Theory
Concert Band

Symphonic Band

Marauder Band


Jazz Ensemble

Goals & Philosophy

The Visual & Performing Arts Program at Jesuit High School seeks to develop and cultivate the creative imagination of each of our students, who then bear witness to the beauty and imagination of God alive in our world.

The Arts teach our students to be creative, collaborative, compassionate and confident – skills that will serve them in all lifelong endeavors.

The Arts provide a platform for dialogue when all other discourse fails, and serve as a vehicle for social change.

Finally, we believe the Arts are the gateway by which God is given a human form that has the power to concretely impact and transform the lives of our students. This encounter helps them discover the greatness within themselves, and ultimately, in all of humanity.

News Ed Trafton ’84

A Campaign for the Black Box Theater in Honor of Ed Trafton '84

As we celebrate 20 years in the Black Box Theater, your support will ensure that the shows go on! A contribution at any level will help continue the incredible programming that brings so much joy to our students and our Jesuit drama fans.

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Act 1: Patron Wall

Located in the Harris Center Lobby. It will greet drama patrons entering the Black Box Theater and general visitors to the Student Life Center.