Mass and Prayer Services


Mass and Prayer Services
Liturgies are held in a variety of ways throughout the year

We continue to celebrate the Eucharist with Masses livestreamed from our chapel. The Eucharist is central to our experience as a people of faith. We look forward to the day we can once again gather as a school, a class, or even half-a-class to celebrate the Eucharist together. We cannot wait for Liturgy Workshop to again lead us in prayer. Until then, tune in. Fr. Petrich, S.J., Fr. McGarry, S.J., Fr. Engebretson, S.J. and many other Jesuits are so gifted at leading us in prayer and challenging us to be Eucharistic people.

Paul says to the Ephesians, Brothers and sisters, live in love, as Christ loved us. During Freshmen Orientation you likely heard Fr. McGarry, S.J. say, “Welcome to Jesuit. I hope your time here brings you closer to God.” We experience God’s love in the love we share and receive.


Please remember our loved ones during the month of November

The Church encourages the faithful to dedicate the month of November as a time of remembrance for our dear ones who have died. Let us give thanks for their presence in our lives and offer grateful prayers to our loving God who has given us everything that is good. Beginning on the Feast of All Saints on November 1, and then each day after in the month of November, we wish to remember our beloved dead in the masses and prayers offered by the Jesuit High School community.