Counseling Services

Virtual Office Hours

The Counseling Department is here to support students and families during this transitional learning time. Beginning Monday, March 30, we will host virtual office hours for students through Zoom.  Given the fluid schedule and differing needs of students’ time, each counselor will hold two sessions each week. If any student has a conflict with his counselor’s posted time, send the counselor an email and he/she will coordinate a time to connect.  Zoom links will be posted in the Counseling Google Classrooms. 

  • Monday 1:45pm – 2:30pm with Mr. Seibert
  • Tuesday 1:45pm – 2:30pm with Ms. Nowag (Rasmussen)
  • Wednesday 1:45pm – 2:30pm with Mrs. Harger
  • Thursday 1:45pm – 2:30pm with Ms. Van Liefde and Mrs. Smith

Counseling Assignments 

9th Grade

  • Aboui Mehrizi – Brown: Mrs. Smith
  • Bruce – Guerrero: Ms. Nowag (Rasmussen)
  • Guilherme Gilles - Monroe: Mrs. Harger
  • Moore – Seibles: Mr. Seibert
  • Scott – Zill: Ms. Van Liefde

10th Grade

  • Adams – Carroll: Mrs. Smith
  • Casey – Haynes: Ms. Nowag (Rasmussen)
  • Hebert – Mayugba: Mrs. Harger
  • McDonald – Ryan: Mr. Seibert
  • Sands – Zweig: Ms. Van Liefde

11th Grade

  • AbouBechara -Burwell-Callero: Mrs. Harger
  • Cameron – Guzman: Ms. Nowag (Rasmussen)
  • Hall – Jones: Mrs. Smith
  • Keffer – Mahmoud: Mrs. Harger
  • Mammola – Schmidt: Mr. Seibert
  • Schwartz – Zavala: Ms. Van Liefde

12th Grade

  • Abildgaard – Boylan: Mrs. Harger
  • Bradford – French: Ms. Nowag (Rasmussen)
  • Gadhok – Isola: Mrs. Smith
  • Jeffers – Marsh: Mrs. Harger
  • Martin – Ryan: Mr. Seibert
  • Saca – Zirbel: Ms. Van Liefde

Kasey Cardinale, MFT
Wellness Counselor

In the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, caring for the whole person, the Counseling Department at Jesuit High School has grown to include a Wellness Counselor on campus. 

(916) 480-2109
(619) 630-5926 during campus closure

Angela Harger

Counselor Caseload (by last name):

9th Guilherme Gilles – Monroe
10th Hebert – Mayugba
11th AbouBechara -Burwell-Callero / Keffer – Mahmoud
12th Abildgaard – Boylan / Jeffers – Marsh

I knew I wanted to be a school counselor in the fourth grade.

(916) 480-2103
(619) 630-7974 during campus closure

Jennifer Nowag

Counselor Caseload (by last name):

9th Bruce – Guerrero
10th Casey – Haynes
11th Cameron – Guzman 
12th Bradford – French 

My love for working with students in a school setting began with my B.A.

(916) 418-2634
(619) 630-7954 during campus closure

Christopher Seibert

Counselor Caseload (by last name):

9th Moore – Seibles
10th McDonald – Ryan 
11th Mammola – Schmidt 
12th Martin – Ryan 

I began my journey in education in 1994, after a Social Science B.A. from Whittier College and a teaching credential from Chapman University.

(916) 418-2635
(619) 630-9915 during campus closure

Amanda Smith
Director of Counseling Services

Counselor Caseload (by last name):

9th Aboui Mehrizi – Brown
10th Adams – Carroll 
11th Hall – Jones
12th Gadhok – Isola 

This is my eighth year working in the Counseling Department at Jesuit High School and my third year as the Director of Counseling Services. I earned my degree in Liberal Studies from Sacramento State with the intent of teaching in the elementary schools. Many years later, I found a home among the wonderful faculty and staff at Jesuit and was inspired to go back to school. In 2014, I began my Masters in Educational Counseling and earned my PPS Credential in 2016. I absolutely love working at Jesuit and being a part of this school community. I am truly fortunate to be able to continue my work with the students in this new role and look forward to an exciting year.

  • BA Liberal Studies – CSU Sacramento, 2005
  • MS Educational Counseling – National University, 2016


(916) 480-2143
(619) 452-0084 during campus closure

Kathy Van Liefde

Counselor Caseload (by Last Name):

9th Scott – Zill
10th Sands – Zweig
11th Schwartz – Zavala 
12th Saca – Zirbel 

Kathy Van Liefde has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and a Master’s of Science degree in Educational Counseling.  She began working at Jesuit as a mathematics teacher in the fall of 1996, having taught math at the high school level since 1985. She began her career as a counselor at Jesuit in the fall of 2003.  Kathy is also the Assistant Director of Testing. 

(916) 418-2624
(619) 630-8969 during campus closure