Counseling Services

Counseling Assignments for 2021-2022

9th Grade

  • Magis Students: Mr. Farr 
  • Anderson – Bush: Mrs. Smith
  • Calkins–Fuentes: Ms. Rasmussen
  • Fukui–Mickle: Mrs. Harger
  • Miller–Rogers: Ms. Wheeler
  • Rojas–Zamudio: Ms. Van Liefde

10th Grade

  • Academic Support Students: Mr. Farr 
  • Acosta–G.Brown: Mrs. Smith 
  • N.Brown – Faris: Ms. Rasmussen
  • Felsted–Lewis: Mrs. Harger
  • Lofing–Pham: Ms. Wheeler
  • Picazo–Zucker: Ms. Van Liefde

11th Grade

  • Academic Support Students: Mr. Farr 
  • Aboui Mehrizi – M. Brown: Mrs. Smith
  • Brott – Guerrero: Ms. Rasmussen
  • Guilherme Gilles – Monroe: Mrs. Harger
  • K. Moore – Seibles: Ms. Wheeler
  • Semon – Zill: Ms. Van Liefde

12th Grade

  • Academic Support Students: Mr. Farr 
  • Adams – Carroll: Mrs. Smith
  • Casey – Haynes: Ms. Rasmussen
  • Hebert – Mayugba: Mrs. Harger
  • McDonald – J. Ryan: Ms. Wheeler
  • Santos – Zaveri: Ms. Van Liefde

Sara Alvarez
Administrative Assistant for Counseling Department

This is my first year here at Jesuit and I’m so happy to be a part of this wonderful school. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri which is where I was an elementary school teacher. I moved to California about 7 years ago and really enjoy it. I’ve known since I was in elementary school that I wanted to work in Education. While living in California, I became a Test Center Manager for Pearson where I oversaw many facets of test administration for various exams given at the test center. My husband is an alum of JHS and always speaks so highly of it.

Office: (916) 418-2627

Angela Harger

Counselor Caseload (by last name):

9th Fukui – Mickle
10th Felsted – Lewis
11th Guilherme Gilles – Monroe
12th Hebert – Mayugba

I knew I wanted to be a school counselor in the fourth grade. With that goal in mind, I attended Xavier University and earned my BS in Psychology.

Office: (916) 480-2103

Jennifer Rasmussen

Counselor Caseload (by last name):

9th Calkins – Fuentes
10th N. Brown – Faris
11th Brott – Guerrero
12th Casey – Haynes 

My love for working with students in a school setting began with my B.A.

Office: (916) 418-2634

Amanda Smith
Director of Counseling Services

Counselor Caseload (by last name):

9th Anderson – Bush
10th Acosta – G. Brown
11th Aboui Mehrizi – M. Brown
12th Adams – Carroll

This is my tenth school year working in the Counseling Department at Jesuit High School and have held the Director of Counseling Services position since 2017. I earned my BA in Liberal Studies from Sacramento State with the intent of teaching in the elementary schools. Many years later, I found a home among the wonderful faculty and staff at Jesuit and was inspired to go back to school for my Masters in Educational Counseling. I absolutely love working at Jesuit and being a part of this school community. I am truly fortunate to be able to continue working with students in this role and look forward to an exciting year. 

  • BA Liberal Studies – CSU Sacramento
  • MS Educational Counseling – National University
  • PPS Counseling Credential


Office: (916) 480-2143

Kathy Van Liefde

Counselor Caseload (by Last Name):

9th Rojas – Zamudio
10th Picazo – Zucker
11th Semon – Zill
12th Santos – Zaveri

Kathy Van Liefde has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and a Master’s of Science degree in Educational Counseling.  She began working at Jesuit as a mathematics teacher in the fal

Office: (916) 418-2624